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Southwest RR ID card

New Arrival

Where can I go to find and then print out the Rapid Rewards card? It's useful to have the card when, say, renting a car at a RR partner, rather than requesting past points.


Re: Southwest RR ID card

Rising Star

Hmmmm. I am able to think of two "official" cards that will have your RR number printed on it:


  • Your Companion Pass card, if earned, issued by Southwest.
  • Your personal Southwest RR Visa card (on the back), issued by Chase.

If you don't have either of those then I think you'll need to print your own or come up with another option.

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Re: Southwest RR ID card

Active Member

A very long time ago I used to have a flimsy paper 'card' that had my Southwest RR on it. I don't remember where I got it - it might have been when I initially signed up for an account and I got it in the mail. It's also possible I printed it online years ago. I no longer carry it, but I might still have it somewhere. I'll have to look for it. 




Re: Southwest RR ID card

Top Contributor

Southwest doesn't issue regular membership cards anymore. There use to be a function online that allowed you to print out a card, but that appears to no longer be available as well.


My recommendation would be to make a note of your membership number in your phone's wallet app. For car rentals, I've found it's best to provide the number when making the reservation (for me that's generally online).