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Southwest Rapid rewards Bonus points

Explorer C

I opened a new Chase personal SW Credit card in Sept and am close to a  companion pass. Does anyone know what the " addl bonus points" means on  Chase statements. I have been receiving 9 addl bonus points  and do not see this perk  on any paperwork from Chase or SW. I called chase and really don't trust the reps response. Could this be the sign up bonus points ?  I am only 7K away from companion pass but closing statement date is 12/15 so I really need to know if I need to charge approx $800 more or $7000 more. Really unclear how they apply  40,000 new sign up points ? Could they be rolling those into the additional bonus points area and thats why it states 9 addl bonus points instead of clearly stating $40,000 sign up bonus? Appreciate any help.


Re: Southwest Rapid rewards Bonus points

Aviator A

Once you've met the sign-up bonus requirments, whatever they are, the sign-up bonus should be shown on your Chase account as "+ New Cardmember Bonus x0,000 points" (look for the "See details" link under Rewards the "See rewards history").


After Chase posts the points you should see them on your Southwest Rapid Rewards account.  Click "My Account" > "Recent Activity" > "View all activity"

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