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Southwest Top flyers...a curiosity

Explorer C

Does Southwest keep tabs on its most frequent Rapid Reward flyers?


This is coming from a friendly curiosity but has anyone else wondered how they "rank" compare to other Southwest travelers? Like a top 10, 50, 100 etc?


Not sure what the metric would be for this. Thoughts?


(Admittedly I kind of hate that I want to know how I stack up to other flyers. It is completely irrelevant I know. But when you're passing that LUV Heart on the side of the fuselage 6 to 10 times a week...ya just start to wonder)


Re: Southwest Top flyers...a curiosity

Aviator A

I've never heard of any tracking or recognition of frequent flyers other than the general A-List and A-List Preferred.  That's actually something I really like about Southwest, they do their best to treat everyone the same and not reserve the nice things just for those super elites.



Re: Southwest Top flyers...a curiosity

Frequent Flyer A

About the only scale I ever can see visibly is my boarding position on individual flights. I don't fly business select so when I check in and get A-16, I assume I am the most "frequent SWA flyer" on that particular flight. When I pull a A-17 to A-20 I take in the visual of who flies more than me. Occasionally, I get bumped out of the top 5 when someone has a multiple folks on their reservation or is flying with a companion, (this is usually pretty evident.)

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