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Southwest gift cards and multiple transactions

Explorer C

I don't fly SWA enough to be a pro at this so bear with me.

We are a family of 4 (2 adults, 2 children) flying to Cancun. Costco has the 10% off SWA gift cards that I'd like to use. To maximize it, We'd need 5 $500 gift cards (savings of $250), but then we'd have to do 3 different transactions to be able to use them all. (Three methods of payment per transaction, which means 2 gift cards plus the rest on credit card.)

So I'm asking, with the chance of having different boarding groups being an issue since we have children, is it worth it to do this? Am I neglecting to consider anything else?

Part of me thinks I should just do one big transaction, use 2 gift cards and be done with it. I'd still save $100, and I'd have peace of mind that we could all sit together (most likely). But--I'd miss out on the additional $150 savings. Yes it comes down to comfort level and personal preference, but WWYD?


Re: Southwest gift cards and multiple transactions

Aviator A

How old are the children? If UNDER age 7,  you could use family boarding - which means right after A group boards. Then go with your cheapest option.



Re: Southwest gift cards and multiple transactions

Aviator A

You are certainly complicating things to save a few bucks so it's a trade off. I find myself doing the same things and usually realize the stress of how to do it and what might go wrong isn't worth the savings. The easiest thing I can think of that still allows you to save a little more money than you would with a single transaction is to make two transactions, one of 4 passengers to Cancun and a second for the return flight. Buying round trip doesn't change the total price and, as you note, splitting it up into multiple transactions allows you to use more gift cards.

The family boarding idea is a good one if you can utilize that then that would allow you to buy individual tickets.

You could also buy individual tickets and add on EarlyBird for everyone. If you buy all the tickets in a small window of time I bet you would get sequential boarding positions. This would also eat up a bit of the money you plan on saving by using the gift cards.

Let us know what you decide to do!



Re: Southwest gift cards and multiple transactions

Aviator C

Book the trip as two one way flights.  Boom...6 payment types instead of 3.


You can also use frequent traveler on the website to make it easier.  This function is not yet available on mobile.

Re: Southwest gift cards and multiple transactions

Frequent Flyer C

I've done this (and have taken advantage of the Costco deal). I personally think that it is worth it as long as you understand what it means and accept the extra work (like checking in on many different reservations) as a result.


Other than the boarding groups/checking-in situation though, there is really not a big difference between booking everyone on one reservation compared to on more than one reservation.


Safe travels, and enjoy Cancun! Have fun, be safe, and be smart!