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Stuck in ORG all the time!

Explorer C
 I love traveling. Well, at least I used to. That is until, the airlines that fly in and out of ORF or Norfolk International Airport have all decided to buy out the smaller airlines, change the routes, and significantly increase their prices. 

Do you remember AirTran? Good ole’ AirTran. I use to be able to fly out of Newport News/Williamsburg to MCO or Orlando, or to ATL or Atlanta on a round trip for as low as $199 round trip. Then Southwest came to ORF. It was a good thing at first. Especially, because  they use to compete with AirTran’s prices and flight times. Then Southwest bought out AirTran. Goodbye AirTran, goodbye two daily flights to MCO and ATL, goodbye low prices, and goodbye Biscoff cookies. Why? Now when I want to fly to ATL from ORF a 75 min flight can now take up to 8 hours and 2 layovers. Instead of Southwest continuing to offer the two direct flights daily we now have to fly to BWI or Baltimore, MD which is North of ORF to then turn around and fly South to ATL. Why is that? And since they’ve made these ridiculous changes they have increased the prices. It’s like we are being punished and we have to pay for it. Sounds like city jail. Wanna Get Away? Yes, Southwest, I would love to if I could afford to get away.

Re: Stuck in ORG all the time!

Aviator A