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TSA Pre-Check Rewards Redepmtpion

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I recently purchased the TSA Pre-Check through my points.  Although I talked to 2 customer service agents prior to purchasing, I did not see that you still need to go through all the TDA forms, etc.  So it saves no time or effort -- just allows you to pay the fee through points (a more expensive way to pay).  When I discovered that it doesn't save any time.  I tried to return but SWA said no.  They referred me to the terms and conditions.  Really?  Who reads those?  Who doesn't allow returns today?  Heck, Walmart returns even without a receipt.  SWA has had such a good reputation for customer service but they won't do the very basics of what 99% of all retailers will do?  I guess that's my fault for not reading all the terms and conditions.  I guess it's also my fault for trusting SWA more than I should.  I won't make that mistake again.  I guess we're seeing the result of Herb Kelleher not leading the company any more.  Too bad.  


Re: TSA Pre-Check Rewards Redepmtpion

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Hi DSantee,


We never like to hear that we've disappointed you. We were pleased to be able to offer Customers the ability to pay for TSA PreCheck using Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Points, but as you stated, individuals must still go through the appropriate processes and paperwork to qualify for TSA PreCheck. 


Again, I apologize for any misunderstanding on this offering. 


Re: TSA Pre-Check Rewards Redepmtpion

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I received a code in the mail.   What are the next steps?  I tried to go to TSA website for Universal enrollment, and they have no record of me or this number

Re: TSA Pre-Check Rewards Redepmtpion

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Take the code your received from Southwest along with your ID and Birth Certificate to the airports TSA Office and they will assist you in getting the proper paperwork filled out.  You'll be on your way to TSA PreCheck in no time.  Please note that even though you have signed up for this amazing program, PreCheck status is not guaranteed for all flights as explained in the Terms and Conditions.




Re: TSA Pre-Check Rewards Redepmtpion

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Unfortunately, I missed hearing about this offer until a few days after it was closed!

I feel like that is happening a lot, these days!

I receive the Southwest Click 'N Save e-mails, but didn't see mention of this at all.

I called the rewards desk this week and the representative helped me a lot with something else, and didn't know anything about this.

Anyway, is there a way to find out about this if it is offered again???

Thanks so much for working so hard and helping us LUV southwest airlines.

Re: TSA Pre-Check Rewards Redepmtpion

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I have TSA Pre-Check.  


While it can be tedious to go through the approval process, once you experience the time saved going through security, it's well worth the time and expense.  This is especially true if you fly during the morning or afternoon "rush hours" and are able to bypass the longer lines of most travelers who do not have it.


It's the best $85 I've ever spent.


-- Mikey