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Targeted Promotions for Existing A-Listers?

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I have been a loyal SWA fan for years. When booking travel for my company, I almost exclusively book on SWA and my family rarely flies any other airline. I now commute to work between Detroit-Dallas, so I made A-List fairly quickly and will be ALP by the end of 2018. I keep reading about promotions people are receiving for quick ways to earn CP, bonus RR points, and so on. However, I have never received a promo invite. It is pretty disappointing since I fly SWA roundtrip every single week. 


Hey Southwest, where's the LUV for your loyal A-Listers? I am super loyal to Southwest, even though Delta is a hub in Detroit (often less expensive and more non-stop flights). Would love a good promo to reward the loyalty. 


Anyone know of tricks to find promotions or to get on the promotions list? 


Re: Targeted Promotions for Existing A-Listers?

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A lot of the promos are meant to keep someone in the fold for barely missing the cutoffs, for instance I received one recently for this year which I may miss A-list for the first time in a while.


it was nice to be offered, but I’d happily trade positions not to need a promo.


i feel like I’ve made my fair share through the years on A-list perks, free drinks, baggage fees, and companion pass.



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Re: Targeted Promotions for Existing A-Listers?

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Normally any promotions are targeted to specific people, and are not useable by others. So even if you find them, you cannot use them.


Southwest and others use them in hopes of earning more business. For example Best Western hotels offered to match my elite staus at Wyngham. So with one stay I was suddenly at Best Western's highest frequest renter status. Why would Best Western do that? Answer: because it hopes I will rent more hotel rooms than if I did not have the status.


Marriott offered me enhanced status due to my United FF level, too.


Southwest does the same thing: it offers A list to some group of travelers hoping that the A list perks will convince those people to fly more Southwest flights


It isn't that Southwest doesn't luv you. It's just trying to earn more revenue and profit.

Re: Targeted Promotions for Existing A-Listers?

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I am not sure if this is what you mean (because I delete email offers so quickly, regardless of who is offering and what is being offered) but I thought I would mention this feature.  On the Mobile App, choose the menu on the upper left, and there is a selection under flights that is labeled “special offers.”  I do not know if these are generic or specific to the individual since my app settings have me logged in every time.  There are likely other options one can elect in setting on the website.


As I said, I am not sure this is what you are looking for but I hope it is.  I have just always personally tracked when getting close and have taken two flights just for the miles over the years.  Safe travels and I hope you make it to the Companion Pass Level (because it is a nice perk to have). 

Re: Targeted Promotions for Existing A-Listers?

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In addition to the app, you can navigate to your accnt on SW's site, log in, and select Promotions under My Rapid Rewards. Usually, anything that is in there I get via email, but I check on occasion just in case!

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Re: Targeted Promotions for Existing A-Listers?

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@andreajenkins22 I cheated once with Delta and was almost swayed.  BUT I LOVE LOVE LOVE Southwest.  We had goods seats and snacks BUT my loyalty will always be with SWA