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Thank you

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I just wanted to say thank you to Southwest Airlines for all the help they have given me during the pandemic. They extended my wife's companion pass and they helped me maintain my A group status even though I have been unable to fly for the past year. In addition, they have helped my portfolio stay on an even keel with their stock price rebounding. While many companies have let their employees o during these hard times, Southwest has continued to fly even though many seats have been empty. It is easy for some companies to cut back by having employees working at home, it is hard for the pilot to fly while in his living room.


There seems to be a lot of negative remarks about the revaluation of the Rapid Reward miles, Southwest has performed more good than bad in the last year and if this is what they need to do, I am all for it even though I have a lot of points and they are worth less than they were a week ago. In addition, ery soon I am going to fly to one of Southwest's new destinations. 


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It's always good to hear positive things and I'm sure Southwest would love to hear from you.  Since this is a customer to customer forum you should contact them directly, Contact Customer Relations 



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That's great! I agree with you, and I am glad your experiences with Southwest have been so positive that you are willing to share them!



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@feaco I couldn't have said it better myself.  I'm like you, heading to Cozumel which is a new destination of SWA.  Makes it much easier than getting the ferry from Playa Del Carmen.  I plan on doing as many new destinations before the year is out.  If SWA adds a new one, I going there.  Yes, even Colorado Springs.  (lol)  Actually, there are lots of trail races in that area.  

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@feaco Thanks for taking time to share. As a former frequent business traveler, I too appreciate the generosity with CP and ALP. My travel is starting to pick back up, so here's to hoping I somehow keep CP; I'll be lucky to re-make AL. 🙂


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