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Tie WiFi purchase to RR account

Explorer C

As a frequent business traveler, I purchase WiFi every time. But it is so painful to dig out the credit card and add all of the details each time to make a purchase.  Is there a way to add it to the App which already authenticates us, or at a minimum tie it to RR number and save the card there.  It would encourage the purchase more often and would make life easier. Thanks. 


Re: Tie WiFi purchase to RR account

Aviator A

Answering the question: no


alist preferred includes WiFi by login, but I’m not aware of any way to purchase as you described or prepay a booklet of passes for instance.


i would suggest you contact Southwest directly through the “Contact Us” link on the homepage to lodge the suggestion. 



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Re: Tie WiFi purchase to RR account

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While @DancingDavidE is correct (we don't currently have a way to allow purchases the way you've described), I love the idea! We often use this discussion forum to find inspiration for future products and services, so keep the ideas coming!


Re: Tie WiFi purchase to RR account

Aviator A

While storing the credit card in your account like you said would be great, an alternative to look at is most phones, tablets, and computers have methods to securely store credit cards and then auto populate forms when desired. I rarely have to pull out my credit card while shopping online after getting that functionality setup.  Just another idea to consider.