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Re: Too good to be true. Partner hotels

Aviator C

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You're probably seeing Get More,Pay More.  Certain hotels offer the option to literally buy points on top of the points you receive for the hotel booking.   The cost is close to the 1.6 cents per point.... so it's almost a net wash in terms of value. 

But yes, it's useful for achieving CP.  I've done it twice this year in Reno and Albuquerque.   Vegas is the easiest place to find these offers. 

I don't think they phrase it that way, but yes you can basically get the value of 20,000 x $0.016 = $320 sounds pretty good on $800. 

If you want to cross-check, try Rocketmiles for the same thing and see what the extra cost looks like. 



 Pay more score more... Plus an optional boost after that...


2000 pts for $32...1.6.  not a bad deal.  A $59 flight only gets you about 300 points.   Plus credit towards A List... And a flight of course.




Re: Too good to be true. Partner hotels

Aviator C

@Manley13 You pretty much have gotten a wide range of replies, all on point.  I will just confirm it's not a scam, it's just, as noted in these posts, not an instant process.  I've gotten my points in less than a week, and I've waited up to 10 weeks before the points were posted.  20,000 for 800 bucks sounds about right.  I normally do pay the extra 30 bucks for an additional 2K points and for around $200 am getting around 4,500 points.  I'm hoping that you were staying at least a week to pay that much for a room. 🙂   I love this offer by as I have already an estimated 40,000 points in hotel points alone towards my companion pass, which helps since they raised it to 125,000 this year.  

Re: Too good to be true. Partner hotels

Explorer C

Thank you very much for this reply. Appreciate it!