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Travel Credit

New Arrival

Southwest should provide to all customers, but at least their RR customers the ability to view all travel banks or refunds given when changing a flight.  Since you do not have the ability to refund the money to the card, they should have a window on your RR account that shows all Travel Credits.  Or like a lot of airlines, allows you to click on any travel credits at time of purchase.  As far as I understand, and please correct me if I'm wrong, you have to pull up original confimation code, and input, which of course makes it much more difficult to remember past travel credits.  


Re: Travel Credit

Rising Star

The old saying "Always count your change" When anyone receive a refund they are given the amount of the credit, the expiration date and are also sent an email. Most of the blame for credits going missing must go the the customer who either delete their email or don't write down the information in a safe place. Southwest is the only airline that doesn't charge a fee to change a ticket and give you a year to use a credit if you need to cancel a ticket. Customers need to take responsibility for their own money.

Re: Travel Credit

Top Contributor

I have a separate e-mail folder called "TRAVEL CREDIT." When I cancel a flight, the e-mail goes in that folder. When a change to a cheaper flight and get an UPDATED FLIGHT RESERVATION e-mail (that includes a credit), that e-mail goes in that folder.


Doing the above makes it real easy to keep track of flight credit information.