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Travel Funds and credit

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Hello! I am just owndering how long it takes for your travel funds and credits to reflect in your account? I have had to change my flight multiple times because of the coronavirus and have recieved a couple of different credits. Thanks! 


Re: Travel Funds and credit

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Travel funds are added almost instantaneously to your account. upon a change or cancellation.


Credits? are you referring to RR points and flight segments that are added to your RR account after taking a flight? If so, normally they  are added within a few hours, but it's taken overnight at times.

Re: Travel Funds and credit

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To add, you can now track your travel funds in your profile. 


Screenshot 2020-03-11 at 6.43.16 PM.png


Starting December 3, 2019, if you include your Rapid Rewards number in your flight reservation, you will be able to view available travel funds from unused tickets, tickets cancelled in accordance with the No Show Policy, or tickets which have a residual balance. All travel involving funds from any confirmation number must be completed by the expiration date. To locate available travel funds generated prior to December 3, 2019 or get additional details on available travel funds listed here use the Travel Fund Lookup.


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