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Trouble with cancelled flights

Explorer C

Six out of my past 7 SWA flights have been cancelled or significantly delayed.  My direct flight from BWI to San Diego for this morning (a trip I make frequently) was cancelled yesterday due to mechanical issues.  I had to rebook, lose my EarlyBird position and travel on a later flight with a connection through Houston today.  The connecting flight this afternoon was ~ 30 minutes late leaving Houston (I'm not counting this flight in the six I mention above).  I had planned to land in San Diego at 11:20  this morning and reach my office just after noon.  Instead I am still sitting on an airplane at 5:27 PM with another hour and 15 minutes or so to go.  The entire afternoon work schedule wasted. 


Most of my flight reschedulings have been due to maintenance issues.  What is going on SWA?  This is costing me significantly in lost work time, missed meetings, and wasted business opportunities.  I understand from a conversation with Customer Care yesterday afternoon that SWA is still booking flights on the Max8 even though there is no time table for the return of this airplane.  Does not seem like a wise plan.  


It rings a bit hollow to read this sort of post and the letter in the beginning of the SWA magazine.  Just doesn't ring true anymore.  I am incredibly disappointed and since I rely on dependable flights to get me to my business destinations across the US, I am in the market for a new airline.  





Re: Trouble with cancelled flights

Aviator A

I hear your frustration, and share your concern. I've had more problems with the airline this year than in the last 10 years combined: 6 fights cancelled and numerous flights delayed. It seems it is much worse this year. Why? I don't know. Maybe you and I have been snake bit.


Hope travel gets easier for you going forward.


As to the MAX bookings, that only applies to flights in August and later (I don't remember the exact date). MAXs have been removed from the schedule for all flights prior to this date. Since the current expectation  is that the FAA will recertify the MAXs in June, that gives the airline time to perform any required training and aircraft modifications and get the aircraft back from storage before flights resume. If the FAA does not recertify the planes in June, I suspect that Southwest will , in June,  pull MAXs out of the schedule for August and possibly later dates, too.

Re: Trouble with cancelled flights


We're sincerely sorry for the issues, Janice. As a peer-to-peer support forum, we aren't equipped to assist you here, but we recommend reaching out via the options in the link below. 


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