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Two Credit Card bonuses into same account

New Arrival

I currently have a Southwest Rapid Rewards account with a Companion Pass that is expiring this year.  I am ineligable for some of the Chase credit card offers to re-obtain a new Companion Pass because I already took those offers ~12 months ago.  But my wife is eligable.  If she signs up for these accounts, can we desigate my Rapid Rewards account as the place to receive the points and Companion Pass?  Or does it have to be a new Southwest account (in her name) to qualify for the bonuses?


All things being equal, we'd prefer for us to just keep the one account that we currently both use, and no fragment our points.


Re: Two Credit Card bonuses into same account

Rising Star

You are able to redeem Rapid Rewards points for anyone so you are able to use your points to purchase Southwest tickets for your wife.


Earning points is different.  When you fly each traveler earns points in their own Rapid Rewards account so both you and your wife should accrue points in your individual accounts.  With your personal credit card you earn points in your account.  If your wife signs up for a credit card in her name then the points earned will go to her account.  You can't have multiple personal credit cards with different people all accruing points to one Rapid Rewards account.


If you have a business then you can accrue points from both your personal card and your business card in your personal Rapid Rewards account.

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