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Ugh. Points Companion

Explorer C

So sad .. I thought for sure we made it .   My Avail Points is 102,095   , But my Companion shows 93,871............. We just made purchase's and 2 flights , but still not there .   I was hoping I could buy points to get there, but cant .   Any other suggestions  ?  SO close .  They say I am 16,100 away  from my freebie !!!! 


Re: Ugh. Points Companion

Aviator B

1800flowers has an offer of 1000 points for spending 29.99 Must use code RR41.  Go through Southwest Shopping website for 1800flowers and earn an extra 7 points per dollar spent. My points posted to my account in about a week!!  Or you can take a day trip and purchase a Business select ticket and earn 12 X the fare.... you may end up spending $600-$1000 to earn the Companion Pass... Is it wouth it to you????



Good luck!!