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Re: Unable to login - Website maintenance

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This problem hasn't been "solved" simply because the problem that doesn't happen for everyone stopped happening for one person. This problem still occurs for a lot of people. I have recently discovered that gives this "maintenance" error message when attempting to log in from an IP address that has been blacklisted. There is absolutely nothing the customer can do to resolve this: it must be changed on SWA's side. Because only a few ranges are blacklisted, nobody attempting to log in from a non-blacklisted address will experience the same problem, and will likely have the same response as many here (including SWA support): it must be the customer's problem.


The message is misleading. It has nothing to do with maintenance. SWA is blacklisting IP addresses for some reason, and only displaying this message when a logon is attempted.

Re: Unable to login - Website maintenance

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That doesn't neceearily address the issue when one person logged in and got the error, but tried from other public computers and still got the error.


Unless they were using a public library computer which was on the list, and then tried another computer from a different library that was also on the list for instance.


If you believe your ISP to be blacklisted, that's probably a place for you to start.


Southwest may be identifying specific IP's, but thtey may also subscribe to lists of IP's to blacklist - one apporach to the issue would be for your ISP to take action not to be blacklisted.





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