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Upgrade credit card

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If I have a Rapid Rewards Plus card and want to upgrade to a priority card, can I cancel my current card and reapply for priority to receive the 40,000 points bonus?  It has been more than 2 years since I opened my card and received a points bonus.  If yes, what is the best way to do this?  I have flights currently booked with points - changing cards wouldn't affect those, correct?  Thank you!


Re: Upgrade credit card

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You should be able to do that since it has been more than two years since Chase gave you bonus points. 


Also, once Chase gives you points in your RR account, they are yours. So cancelling a card in no way has any influence on how you use your points.

Re: Upgrade credit card

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Keep in mind that you must do it exactly as you say: cancel before getting the new card. The restrictions prevent personal card holders from getting a bonus on a new personal card at any point, so you can't apply for the new card while you still have the old one and get the bonus. And, as you mentioned, you can't get a second bonus within 24 months. 

More details here.


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Re: Upgrade credit card

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You should be able to get the bonus offer again after 24 months of your previous bonus offer for Southwest co-branded credit card. 


You also need to keep in mind Chase's 5/24 rule, if you open more than 5 new credit cards  from any issuing bank in last 24 months, Chase will not approve you for another credit card. 

Re: Upgrade credit card

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did you end up cancelling and then reapplying? If so, did you get your points? And how long did you wait between cancelling and reapplying?