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Using child's rapid rewards

New Arrival

My children have RR and now have enough points for a flight.  How would I use these points If I'm booking the flights for the family? Do I need to transfer their points to my account (paying a fee)? I'm assuming I can't buy an individual ticket under my 7 yr old's name... Thanks for the help!


Re: Using child's rapid rewards

Top Contributor

You assume incorrectly.

The child can certainly redeem their points for a ticket just like an adult. Unless something has changed recently you will need to have a confirmation number for an adult that you can associate with the child's reservation so they are not considered an unaccompanied minor.


So here's the process... Book the flights for all travelers except the child. Then log into the child's account and book the flight using the points. You should be prompted for the confirmation number of an adult who will be accompanying the child and you enter the confirmation number from the first reservation you made.


Don't transfer (or buy) points, it's a waste of money. The child's points can also be used to purchase a ticket for anyone else, not just the child. Just be logged into the child's account while making the reservation. You may actually want to book an adult's flight with the points so the child is on the same reservation as others and not by themselves. 





Re: Using child's rapid rewards

New Arrival

Thanks for the info! I've been used to Jetblue's pooled point system.  I'll take the extra steps to do 5 separate bookings for us to be able to use everyone's points on their ticket. I appreciate the help.