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Website access

Explorer C


I can’t log in or open Southwest website. The following appears each time I try to open the website. Please advise. Thank you.

You don't have permission to access "" on this server.

Reference #18.97556acb.1548921854.a79ff2d


Re: Website access

Aviator A

Same error if you try the standard home page instead?

I've seen similar errors when accessing an old/cached link so starting with the home page might be a good start.



Re: Website access

Aviator A

Themiddleset is right, if you in a country served be the airline, clear your cache and try using


If you are not in a country served by the airline, it is entirely possible that the website is not available in your country. If so, try using the Southwest phone app IN CELL DATA MORE (not wifi), or try using a US based VPN on your computer.