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When will Rapid Rewards be back up

New Arrival

Today I tried to change a flight for tomorrow because I am going to stay in my current location a few more hours.  But it seems that the Rapid Rewards System is down and while I don't mind paying the extra cash required for changing my flight(since the new ticket will cost more than the old one) I can't seem to be able to do it.  I tried to call but the agent was not able to access my account either.  She said that the system seems to be down.  At this point I may have to pay full price without any rewards points and I can't even cancel my old flight.


So I am wondering if there is an ETA on when the system will be back up?  Or am I going to just bite the bullet and pay the full amount and then lose my full amount for my current fligt?


Re: When will Rapid Rewards be back up

Top Contributor

Unfortunately, for the near future (until the conversion to the new booking system is complete), you can expect the site to periodically experience these issues. One hopes they go away once conversion is complete. In the meantime, you can try calling (as you did) but even that may not be helpful.