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companion pass - apply after purchase?

Explorer C

I will qualify for the companion pass for the remainder of 2017, but not until December. I would like to book a flight for late December and use the companion pass. Can I book now and then apply the companion pass after purchase? Or, do I need to wait to book until I qualify?


Re: companion pass - apply after purchase?

Aviator A

You can purchase your ticket now and add the companion once you have earned CP.

Re: companion pass - apply after purchase?

Aviator A

Companion Pass tickets can be added anytime after you earn CP as long as tickets on the flight are available, use of CP is not tied to when you book your own ticket, and it isn't added automatically for each purchase you make.


If you aren't 100% sure about making CP in time for the flight, you can book the companion on points now and then cancel the points booking after you earn companion pass, then book the companion ticket.

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