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earned rapid rewards for companion pass

New Arrival

I am very close to having enough earned RR points to qualify for the companion pass.

My question is - If I were to book a flight today using RR points, would I have to "re-earn" those points in order to still qualify for the companion pass? Or would the points I use for the flight still count as "earned" towards the companion pass.

I would like to book a flight now with points, but I do not want to essentially hit the reset button on my earned points, setting me back in my journey towards earning the companion pass.



Re: earned rapid rewards for companion pass

Top Contributor

Points spent/redeemed do not reduce the number of points earned towards CP so you can redeem without having to "re-earn".  However, you do not earn points from flights paid for with points so if you are close to earning CP you would be better off paying cash for the flight and earning the points from the flight.  Then, once you have CP, use your points.