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keeping your best customers happy- AND from leaving for other airlines!

Adventurer A

Just a thought, but after all the recent turmoil caused by system outages, why wouldn't SWA want to extend the benefits of their A List and Companion Pass members?


It would cost almost nothing and might appease some of us who are pretty upset with poor service during the outrages. 


I know that I personally missed out on several date and price changes to existing reservations because I could not book online nor get an agent on the phone. 


For example, when I called Customer service, they didn't  didn't seem to care that my companion and I had to fly on an existing reservation rather than be able to switch to a cheaper and more convienent flight the same day when it became avaiulable a week before travel- I guess they had bigger problems to deal with, but I would have wanted to travel earlier and cheaper and if the sysytem had worked or the phones had been answered, I would have been able to.




Re: keeping your best customers happy- AND from leaving for other airlines!

Adventurer A



The system outage must have been a terrible experience. I cannot imagine how that must have impacted families, businesspeople and all of the airport and airline staff over those several days and weeks. With that said, I'm sure that Southwest lost a ton of money through accomodations, overtime and crediting cancelled flights. It seems to me that extending the Companion Pass benefits might cost them even more money. However, I don't think that their A-List perks have too many hard costs associated with them.


If they were to grant you an extension for the inconvenience you suffered, how long would you want it to be?