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plane tickets

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Hello I had purchased airline tickets  but i had cancelled the flight i had to flight on October 25 0f 2019 but i had cancelled they said i had credits to travel because they couldnt refund me so i had 6 months to travel but then we had to stay home and coulnt travel because of covid 19 and i wanted to know if we still have our credits now that its ok to travel . this is the confirmation of our tickets # LKBRIV


Re: plane tickets

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First off for your protection I would edit your post to remove your confirmation number since this is a public forum. 


Travel funds are valid for a year from when you originally bought your flight. Southwest was making an exception for travel funds March-September 7th 2020 for new travel funds created because you canceled and those funds are valid until September 2022. You might Contact Customer Relations to see if your travel funds were extended as apart of that exception. If not you can request a luv voucher which would be valid for 6 months however that comes with a $100 fee