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rapid rewards points

Explorer C

just bought some points for about 60% of my trip and used those and my saved points to pay for my family's trip...but figured out within 2 minutes that I paid more than if I just skipped the points and paid for the trip directly.  I was hoping to change that and after waiting an hour on the phone, was told that's too bad...should have done the math before clicking the button....remember you have zero recourse after clicking that can cancel a flight but no chance of reversing a mistaken points purchase even moments after it was done.  You will tell me that I should have known that buying points is a rip off.......BEWARE of this ripoff if you are not an experienced traveler.  Southwest says it's a legit transaction, and they will fight me if I go to the credit card company....Transfarency indeed.....wanna get away? yes - get away from Southwest airlines after this fiasco.


Re: rapid rewards points

Aviator A

You may not like it, but the following sentence is on the same page as the purchase points button:


Purchased Rapid Rewards points are nonrefundable and nonreversible.


That is pretty clear and straightforward. It is not hidden.


Sorry abut you having a case of buyers remorse.

Re: rapid rewards points

Aviator A

Math. It's not for everyone. 😉 


And purchasing points isn't always a "rip off". I've purchased points a couple of times when I've only needed a small amount to pay for a flight with points. For me, it's been worth it!