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rapid rewards

Explorer C

I applied for and recieved the premier SouthWest CC. I was under the assumption that with this, once I spent $1,000 that I qualified for the 40,000 RR points. Those points, however, have not been applied to my account. How do I go about addressing this? I tried to call, but sat on hold, and then did the option for call back, and never recieved the call back. 


Re: rapid rewards

Aviator A

You'll need to contact Chase who is responsible for telling Southwest to issue the points. Confirm they agree you qualified for the points, ask if they sent the information to Southwest, and confirm they have the correct Rapid Rewards account number for your account. Depending on when you qualified you may also just need to wait, these things can take several weeks.



Re: rapid rewards

Aviator A

Points are added AFTER the Chase monthly statement that reflects the fact that you have achieved the spend requirement, and not the moment you have done so.