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3rd or 4th flight not giving Pre-Check

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The past several flights, when I check in, I see that I do not have pre-check on my ticket. My husband always does.

My profile shows my correct name, KTN, and RR number.


Once after checking into a past flight, I called and the representative was able to *finally* discover that I had an old KTN number buried deep within my profile. This was on a page that only the rep could see and it was not in an obvious spot. I thought she therefore fixed it, but now that I checked into my next flight, I have the very same issue.


When I first called today, the rep read out that old KTN number. I said it was wrong and she fixed it. I do not understand why this old one keeps getting put into my reservation when my profile has my correct one in it.


Has anyone ever had this issue? I know it's not the fact that "sometimes you just don't get precheck" because this is several flights in a row now and it's *only* on SW. 


I wish that one rep who really knew how to look deep into profiles had left some sort of note attached to my account/profile for other reps to read...


Is there an IT Department that I can reach so I can more likely speak with someone who would understand this issue? Most reps just keep saying they don't know why I don't get precheck and that my profile looks fine.


Re: 3rd or 4th flight not giving Pre-Check

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I'm sorry to hear that you are running into trouble.


I've never heard of anyone with two different KTNs.


As you are probably aware, there are two different kind of Pre-Checks:


1) The "free" one where you sometimes get pre and sometimes don't


2) The paid one where you are supposed to get pre on every flight. You have to pay about once every five years to keep it. Could it be that you last paid more than 5 years ago and your "membership" has expired?


To answer your question, there is no way that I'm aware of for you to talk with a SW IT rep.

The best you can do is file a complaint. Here's how to do so:


Re: 3rd or 4th flight not giving Pre-Check

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@NicoleIvy2004 You might also consider deleting your KTN altogether, saving it, and then re-adding it back to your profile?


Also, do you use a browser that does auto-fill for fields?  If you do, is an arbitrary number that might someone be saved in the "person's" profile in the browser be auto-filling in?


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Re: 3rd or 4th flight not giving Pre-Check

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What is KTN?



Re: 3rd or 4th flight not giving Pre-Check

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KTN = Known Traveler Number issued by TSA