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4hr call wait still no answer

Explorer C

I had my flight canceled the night before a 5:55 am flight, could only change my flight to a flight 2 days out, waited for customers service on the phone for 4 hours still no answer, and had to go to the airport at 4 am when its 3:00 am right now to see if I can change anything because I can't wait 2 days to go home. Also can't get a refund to get my money back and get a new flight or book a hotel to stay at.  THE FIRST TIME EVER GOING ON SOUTHWEST MIGHT HAVE TO BEEN MY LAST TOO!!!!!!


Re: 4hr call wait still no answer

Aviator A

Sorry to hear this has happened to you.


I guess I have two suggestions for you:


1) Keep checking to see if a better flight opens to you. It's possible since people cancel flights all the time - thus opening availability.


2) Try a different method of contacting SW. The cell app cht function is one way. Others are available by clicking on "contact us" below.


Good luck