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Above and Beyond

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I am writing to inform the community of the amazing customer service I received from an Employee at the DCA location in June of this year. To keep it brief I arrived to my location and my luggage did not. As I stood at the carousel as the last traveler I was greeted by Ms. Theresa Ford. She had noticed that I was standing there for some time after all the luggage had circled and been claimed by other passengers on all the scheduled flights at that time. I described my luggage to her and she immediately went into action to try and retrieve it. She jumped on her radio and made communication to her team. She determined that the bag was not at the location. She invited me into the office where she looked into her system after I provided her with the receipt of bag check. She was apologetic about the time that was taken from me. She was able to confirm that my luggage had never left my destination in OAK. We made arrangements to to have the bag sent to my final stop in DE and decided that it would probably be a quicker process if I returned to airport for my luggage once it arrived. The amount of empathy, friendliness and genuine care for my situation really made me feel at ease, where I would usually have displayed frustration. Her calm and serious demeanor made me feel like she had made me a priority and that much effort was put forth to assist me. My bag didn't make it back to the location on the same day I did, but I received a follow up call From Theresa notifying me of the luggages travel status to me.  When I arrived to pick up my luggage the next day I was greeted curbside by my missing luggage and Theresa. She was amazing handling my case. Due to her amazing spirit I look forward to continuing to be a Southwest customer for years to come. She is definitely a star employee and I hope she is recognized for the great service she provides. I hope anyone flying to or from DCA gets an opportunity to have her take great care of them as well.  Thank you Theresa for all of your assistance! (*there is no relation as we chatted and could not connect a family member but I consider her my Southwest family now :))


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That's amazing and great customer service, thanks for sharing your story!



Re: Above and Beyond

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Thanks for sharing. That is a great story.


However, since this is a customer forum, you are not talking to the airline here.


You could notify the airline, and maybe Theresa might get recognition from Southwest.