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Anyone know what this means

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Does this mean I need to choose a new flight or what???





Re: Anyone know what this means

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Unfortunately until the photo is approved we won't know exactly what the message says however my guess is that it could be the message saying you can change your flight at no additional cost. If that is the message no need to panic. Southwest is currently giving everyone the option to change their flight for free if travel is within a certain date range because they have been making schedule changes. So if you are booked on a flight you don't like you can choose any other flight with no fare difference collected (you can change to a non stop if you booked a connection if you wanted). If you are fine with your current flight there is no need to worry your flight is still scheduled and no action is required. 


If the message is different let me know and we can try to help. 



Re: Anyone know what this means

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The photo currently isn't available to be viewed. In addition to what @bec102896 said, if it's urgent, you can contact SWA via the app or social media for a quick response.


Hope this helps!

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Re: Anyone know what this means

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It means that you can adjust your flight to another flight for no additional cost if you would like to. I would suggest you check your existing reservation to see if any unexpected changes have been made and adjust your trip if desired. If everything looks good and you like the current schedule then no change is required and you can ignore the message.