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B zone for early bird! I have a toddler so this was a total waste of money!

Explorer C

I paid $100 for early bird for my family of 4 so we could sit together and ended up in B group…really??? I purchased my flight months ago, are there really 60 business class passengers ahead of me? I don't think so, because I was offered an upgrade to business class for this flight. What a mistake, I have a toddler and can board after A Group. Really disappointing. If you have family boarding privileges DO NOT pay for early bird. Frankly, better to buy a reserved seat from the other airlines. Price is not that different. 


Re: B zone for early bird! I have a toddler so this was a total waste of money!

Aviator A

I don't believe A1-A15 is part of the Early Bird selection, since those are reserved for Business Select upgrades. The closest you could get is A16, and yes, it's very possible that there were 45+ people who also had EB on your flight. Despite its name, Early Bird does not "guarantee" an "A" boarding position.


If you can board with your toddler after the A group, I am confused why you purchased Early Bird. It doesn't seem worth the cost considering you board after the A group and are ahead of more than 50% of people who will board the plane. 



Re: B zone for early bird! I have a toddler so this was a total waste of money!

Aviator A

If you knew you could utilize family boarding it makes no sense why you would have purchased EarlyBird. I believe that's what you are trying to tell others, but I'm puzzled you couldn't figure that out for yourself.


As far as who got all those seats ahead of you, yes anyone who purchased EarlyBird before you, but ahead of them is every A-List flyer and any companion they might have flying with them. Considering A1-15 is reserved for Business Select (not business class) there are only 45 slots available in A. Those can easily be filled just by A-List. EarlyBird is great for situations when you don't want to bother having to check-in 24 hours prior to the flight, it does not guarantee an A boarding position and should not be seen solely as a way to secure a premium boarding position. Apparently that's what you incorrectly believed it would provide.