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Re: BS Weather Excuses

Frequent Flyer B

While I agree there seems to be a lot of issues flying these days, but staffing problems are a continuing problem with ALL companies, not just airlines.  In our area, food places are also closing earlier and often unscheduled because they are short staffed.  This isn't just a SW issue.  

Re: BS Weather Excuses

Explorer C

I have to agree with this terrible review. It’s not that the industry (SW and many other airlines) is struggling with staffing shortages it’s the condescending lies that just add insult to injury (fyi: had chosen less appropriate words for this community). Myself and my co-work received the same ‘bad weather’ lines on two different flights. At first I took the ‘reason’ at face value but then after hearing some verbal complaints from other customers…I decided to check weather and if other airlines were canceling flights to/from the locations causing the SW delay and cancellation (for my coworker). To my surprise weather/radar/wind was clear AND others were flying in/out of Oklahoma City and Las Vegas! Worse yet for my coworker, even Southwest departed a jet for Las Vegas about 2hrs after his cancelled flight was scheduled to depart?! WTH? He was told by the SW employee that due to wind/weather ‘no one will be flying into Las Vegas for a LONG time’!  My point here is that it’s rather obvious by a quick check of other carriers departures/arrivals that the SW delays/cancellations are due to staffing shortages and/or challenges unrelated to weather BUT as we were made well aware of by SW staff, there are NO vouchers or compensations provided when cancellations and/or delays are due to ‘weather’…how convenient for the short-term but is this questionable business practice going to work in the long term. I think not…better get it together sooner than later SW. A few less flights/days might help ease the strain on your pilots and staff….and ultimately keep your valued customers from straying off to other airlines.