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Beware of SW Cancelling your flight

Explorer C

Southwest will randomly cancel your flights at their discretion, and refuse to explain why.  Beware and stay on top of your email.  I'm not talking about changing flights when they change routes, I mean a full on cancel.


I thought this was a good airline but I have to say this makes me wonder.


Re: Beware of SW Cancelling your flight

Aviator A

Cancellations happen on all airlines so it's always a good idea to keep an eye on your reservations.



Re: Beware of SW Cancelling your flight

Aviator A

Flight cancellations have been happening constantly since the pandemic started in March of 2020. It's not nearly as bad now as it was a year ago, but schedule changes are happening all the time due to increasing/decreasing demand in various areas. 



Re: Beware of SW Cancelling your flight

Adventurer C

No need to wonder. Southwest is a budget airline fronting as something its not. 


Just take a budget flight and voila you get better customer service. Have never had insane problems with frontier or spirit, only Southwest with 5x the cost of either of the aforementioned airlines. 

Re: Beware of SW Cancelling your flight

Adventurer C

I have an even better one.


Beware of Southwest changing your itinerary months in advance (ok cool... I understand that).... and re-booking your companion's (as in Companion Pass holder) return flight on a totally different flight. And as you're leaving Cancun, the desk agent says that your companion's return flight left hours earlier!!


Yes my wife was booked as my companion the whole time and in their schedule change, they put her on a completely different return flight. It never occurred to me to watch out for something like that since she's my document companion. Luckily, the agent was able to re-book her on the 3:40pm flight I was on.