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Booking...NO HELP AT ALL!!!!!

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I was planning a trip on Southwest Vacations and used the online service to book. I attempted to book 3 days in a row with no luck. I was having a problem on line for whatever reason it would not book. So, I called customer service. The agent attempted to book for me and came into the same problem I had so I was told that a supervisor would look into it. I was placed on hold and she never came back to the phone and after 10 minutes, I hung up. I attempted again the next day, no luck. So, I called again. The agent told me that I had to play with the dates because I may have selected a day that was unavailable. Ok, fine. So, another 30-40 minutes later.....nothing. Keep in mind, I was getting to the payment screen, click pay, and it would give me an error. Every time I changed the date, it started the whole search over meaning I had to reenter my info alone with my guest info!  I took a picture of the error message. It stated that one of the dates was unavailable AND that I had to stay a maximum length of 14 day in order to book the vacation! WHAT????  I am extremely disappointed because I had to book my trip with another airline. I didn't appreciate the first agent not coming back to the phone. What is the purpose of the customer service if they only see what I see. I was needing them to tell me which dates were available to fly. And EVERYTIME I attempt to book a flight, its always booked and I have to call customer service. Who has time for that. If you are restricting me from using my points.....SAY THAT like other companies do. I guess I will cancel my credit card and get another one with another airline. I was and still is beyond pissed that I had to use another airline.   


Re: Booking...NO HELP AT ALL!!!!!

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Sorry that you had trouble.


As has been said many times, Southwest Airlines and Southwest Vacations are two entirely different companies. As such you probably should not blame the airline for something the other company did.


Southwest vacations (it provides that same service to other airlines under different names)

has a notoriously bad reputation. I personally would never use the firm.