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Booking Online

Explorer C

anyone else having trouble booking flights today?  No matter what options for dates I choose, I just keep getting an error and a message telling me to call the 800 number.  Of course, when you call the 800 number, they tell you the wait time is very long and that you should go on the website.  


Re: Booking Online

Aviator A

Are you getting this error on the website or on the app? You could try the app if you were on the website or website if you were on the app. 


Also you could try reaching out to Southwest on Facebook or Twitter in a DM and they could try to help figure out why you can't book. 



Re: Booking Online

Aviator A

I'm not having problems, so if there was a problem, it was resolved.


I go to the point of "purchase" with no issues.


Did you successfully log in before trying to buy your ticket?. If that was not successful, that sometimes means that your computer "autofilled" an incorrect password.

Re: Booking Online

Aviator A

Yes - I have been having trouble looking up flights at all. No matter what departure or arrival cities I enter or what date ranges I enter, I get an error:

Sorry, we found some errors...

  • We are unable to process your request. Please try again. If you continue to have difficulties, please contact a Southwest Airlines® Customer Representative at 1-800-I-FLY-SWA (1-800-435-9792).
  • Error detail 1: 6fc8d2a3-8a6e-4861-baa8-53edcba80b05 : 403999999


The low fare calendars aren't working, either.