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Booking for 3, including companion pass

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I have a first-time Companion Pass; earned with opening of SWA credit card.  I need advice about how to book my flight for 3 people. Lets see if i can clearly describe:


Passenger A is me:  I will pay for my flight (with travel funds).

Passenger B is daughter #1: she will be my designated Companion.

Passenger C is daughter #2:  she will book with my Rapid Rewards points.


I know its advised to check and see if there are 3 seats on my desired flight.  Its to Costa Rica and isn't until August.  So I don't anticipate any problem with this.


But in what ORDER do you suggest I book? Since A is booked with funds, and C is booked with points I will have to book them separately. Or does it matter?


So, OPTION 1:  book A & attach CP. Then book C.

       OPTION 2:  book C.  Then book A & attach CP.




Re: Booking for 3, including companion pass

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Order doesn't matter, but you will want to book separately as you have mentioned and of course you cannot add companion until after you have booked pass holder's ticket.