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Explorer C

I need to book a flight from New Orleans to NY La Guardia but I want this sequence :


1. wn1801 to STL

2. Wn506. to LGA


Can I do it ?..




Re: Booking

Aviator A



First, look to see if SW considers it a valid connection. Look at your day of travel between the two points and see if 1801 shows up and if it connects to 506


If it does not, you can book (if the connection is valid - meaning enough time between the landing of 1801  and the departure of 506 ) them  as a multi city trip - although it might be more expensive.

Re: Booking

Aviator A

@Fverzer without a specific date there's no way for anyone to provide any more specific information.  If you want help looking at the timing of the flights to determine if it's a valid connection or why it won't let you book it (if that's the case) then you will need to provide a date.



Re: Booking

Adventurer C

Just looked it up and for tomorrow it is double the price of just the one ticket.  The first flight has a layover of over an hour in STL.  You can try talking to the ticket agent at New Orleans and try to get it changed. I managed to get a longer layover once. You may have to pay for it though.