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Re: Business Select or am I a wanna get away ?

Aviator A

@Flymenot wrote:

Hello All,

Am I alone with this thought or do others feel the same here?


You're the only one. I'm having a hard time believing this post is real because this is so absurd. 


Additionally, if you're buying Business Select tickets just to get an A1-15 boarding position you're spending waaaay more than you need to. Purchase the upgraded boarding position when you check-in for a fraction of the cost of Business Select and get in the same A1-15 boarding group.



Re: Business Select or am I a wanna get away ?

Aviator C

We live in a free society and as long as you do not violate the board rules, you can post things as you see them.


I hear people arguing all the time that they are number A12 and someone with A15 is ahead of them in line.  They squabble like children only to have 20 people preboard.


I say let the preboard people on the plane, then everyone else comes in based upon when they purchased their ticket, or when they checked in, but no premiums for boarding early.


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Re: Business Select or am I a wanna get away ?

Explorer C

I mean so, that is literally the antithesis of open seating.  If that is your desire, literally all of the other airlines will happily accomodate that ethical dillema you find yourself dealing with.  Open seating is open seating, tier'd boarding and seating is tier'd boarding and seating.