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My flight was cancelled at the start of COVID.  The amount of money that should be credited to me and my wife was put in my account to be used by Sept, 2022.   I tried to use my money this past year and reserved a flight but because of COVID, I could not go.   I ASSUMED that money would be put back in my credits and could still be used by Sept 2022.  However, when I went on to book a flight yesterday for this summer, the 2nd flight I booked with my credits when I had to cancel, they only gave me one year to use that amount.  I lost 80% of my credits.  So the original amount of money I spent that I got credit for was supposed to be good till Sept, 2022.   I am VERY upset with SW is not about the customer!   



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For future reference, when Southwest cancels a flight passengers are eligible for a refund back to the original form of payment.  By default, refunds will be given as travel funds, but you can request credit go back to your credit card if that is how you paid for the flight.  Everything you describe follows the published policies for travel funds that were being issued at the time.  As you said, the travel fund you received had a Sept 7, 2022 expiration, but when you used that travel fund and then cancelled again, the new travel fund received an expiration date 1 year from the date of the latest cancellation.  Here is the policy that was in place at the time:




Now that you have expired travel funds you can get them reinstated as LUV vouchers.  You have 6 months after expiration to request this, the value of each travel fund is reduced by $100, and you have 6 months to use the LUV voucher that is created.


If you send a message using the contact us link at the bottom of the page saying that you have an expired travel fund and would like to have it converted to a LUV voucher, provide the confirmation number and name(s) of passengers, and understand the value will be reduced by $100 you should get a reply that the process can be completed.  It does take a few weeks so be patient.




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@jeffmissie wrote:

I ASSUMED that money would be put back in my credits and could still be used by Sept 2022.  

You assumed incorrectly. If you use those Sept 2022 travel funds to book a flight on, say,  January 1, 2022, and you cancel your flight on January 10, 2022, your travel funds are now valid one year from when you made the purchase - January 1, 2023. Which - actually - is even longer than September 2022. 


Depending on when you booked and when you cancelled, a year should still be plenty of time to use your travel funds and fly, but based on the post it sounds like you booked and cancelled about a year ago. 




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Can I find my funds without my confirmation number?


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@mrsstats wrote:

Can I find my funds without my confirmation number?


Only if you used your Rapid Rewards number for the reservation. If you log into your RR account, it will be listed under "travel funds available".


If you didn't use your RR number, I think you are out of luck..