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Can anyone tell me why my flight was canceled?

New Arrival

My family of 4 was booked on Flt 1434 from Denver to SAT departing at 12:35 today. The flight was canceled and we are booked on a flight on Monday.

Why was it canceled?

Will SWA help me out with a hotel room?

Will SWA help out with the additional day of rental car?



Re: Can anyone tell me why my flight was canceled?

Top Contributor

1) keep checking REPEATEDLY. People cancel reservations all the time and something better might open up. Just because there is nothing now does not necessarily mean that there will nothing in 30 minutes.


2) There's no way to tell why your flight was cancelled. It was likely weather in some city the plane was supposed to be in before it got to Denver. If your plane could not get to Denver, it could not depart Denver..


3)Sorry to hear about the financial hit. If you are at the airport you could ask for a meal/hotel voucher.  If the cancellation was due to an internal SW issue, your chances of getting something are better than if the cancellation was due to something the airline can't control -- like weather.


Your best bet to get something from SW is to complain to SW. To do so click on "contact us" below and proceed. To calibrate your expectations, anything you get from SW will be no where near $4800.