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Cancellation/Bumping question

Explorer C

We just had a decent sized snowstorm in NY.  I was watching the delays/cancellations.

We are leaving on Sunday for a week long vacation.  Is there a possibility of being bumped from our flight (there are 4 of us) due to people being cancelled/rescheduling? 


Re: Cancellation/Bumping question

Adventurer A

Hi @Simreality ,


Based on this travel advisiory, it looks like disruptions are *hopefully* not anticipated to affect flights beyond today. That means the airline will work hard to reaccommodate those affected over the next few days - long before your scheduled departure next Sunday. Of course, anything can happen. but it's fairly safe to assume that barring any other major storms this week, your travel plans will be safe! 


Happy travels!


Re: Cancellation/Bumping question

Explorer C

Thanks! That helps.  It's been nerve-wracking since we booked in July lol.  This will be the first time the kids will be on a plane and I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for things that could go wrong.