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Cancelled Flight Required for Connecting Flight

Explorer C



I booked two separate tickets to fly on same day.  The initial flight was cancelled making it impossible to catch the second flight.


I booked Wanna Get Away fare, but there are Anytime and Business Select tickets.


Will Southwest be able to re-arrange both flights?  If there's an alternate path, can they cancel both flights or rebook at the same fare for both flights?


If not, how do you get vouchers?  During my departing flight, they offered a $600 voucher + refund of base fare for 2 people to book an alternate flight.  It seems like it's easy for them to do this at the gate/airport.  However, when you call Southwest, the customer support reps do not seem to have much actual flexibility or options.


The cancellation of this flight prevents my companion and myself from flying and meeting with our children flying to meet us for custody exchange.  In fact, they booked my minor child for a completely separate flight from my older child.  Not being able to meet them on time prevents me from getting back to my duty station as military.  And if I leave my spouse that's my companion, she doesn't get her flight free.  And I cannot, not return because I do not have additional military leave days.  And now the other party is reminding us of the legal re-percussions if we do not show up at our arranged custody time.


This is a horrible situation and I've been on hold for 2 hours and 45 minutes so far waiting for a rep.  I figured I'd register on these forums and ask to get an idea of whether I'm going to actually get any customer service or what options I might be looking at.


Please help if you've ever had a situation requiring multiple, separately booked flights having to be cancelled or re-booked and whether you were ever booked on a higher fare ticket due to lack of available lower fare tickets.


Thank you for your help.


Re: Cancelled Flight Required for Connecting Flight

Aviator A

Can you rephrase your question, it isn't clear to me what you are asking. You mention a flight was canceled, but also refer to vouchers being offered in what sounds like an equipment downgrade or oversell situation. You also mention seats being available, but at a higher fare class. 



Re: Cancelled Flight Required for Connecting Flight

Aviator A

If not, how do you get vouchers?


Vouchers aren't always guaranteed, especially high value ones that they offer at the airport to "take an alternate flight." But if the initial flight was cancelled, why were they offering vouchers to switch to another flight? Everyone would have to go to another flight in this instance, so I'm not sure why anyone would get a voucher *unless* Southwest was not able to accommodate you.