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Cancelled flight question

New Arrival

Southwest cancelled my flight for today. No other flights were available today to my destination. I have a few questions

Unable to get through on the phone. No flights available on the app. The chat function on the website goes to a bot. How do I actually talk to someone that works for Southwest? 

-Do I need to go on the apps and cancel the reservation even though SW cancelled it? 
-if I do that, will it show that I cancelled and not SW? 
-my understanding is that if an airline cancels your flight you are entitled to cash back, not travel funds. Is that correct? 
-what about my returning flight? I no longer need it if I can’t get to my destination. Will SW refund money for that also? 
I have lost all faith in SW today. 


Re: Cancelled flight question

Top Contributor

Since Southwest canceled your flight you can get a refund back to the original form of payment and the same should apply for the return flight if you are no longer traveling. You will need to request the refund or it will be issued as a travel fund.

See the contact us link at the bottom of this page. You can use the phone, social media, or live chat in the Southwest app.