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Cancelling flights bought with flight credits

Explorer C

I have been searching online regarding the issue, but haven't found much.


The question is:

What happens if I cancel/change a Southwest flight bought with flight credit? Will I get the flight credit back or it's forfeited?


A related question: if I have $300 flight credit and I book a $100 flight, will the $200 remain in my account for future use?


Thank you!


Re: Cancelling flights bought with flight credits

Aviator A

Now that flight credits no longer expire you never forfeit or lose credits unless you no show for a flight. Using a portion of a credit just reduces the remaining balance of the credit. If you cancel or change a reservation to lower price one the difference is returned to you. Flight credits should appear in your account, but I suggest keeping track of corresponding confirmation numbers just in case so you can apply them to a new purchase manually if needed.