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Cant reserve due to log-in issue

Explorer C

I am trying to login to my Southwest account and I keep on getting

We are currently unable to complete your request. Please try again later.


From Chrome's developer tools, I see the error occurred due to:

swa-common.js:1 POST 502 (Bad Gateway)


I have tried firefox, safari, chrome all of these browsers do not work.


Re: Cant reserve due to log-in issue

Aviator A

I've heard that this may happen because autofill goes haywire and inputs erroneous data. Try typing that in manually.


What happens when you try your phone?.

Re: Cant reserve due to log-in issue

Aviator A

Are you booking with points or cash (debit or credit card)


If you are booking a cash ticket you can book the flight and add your RR number after booking and no log in would be required. 


If you are trying to use points you could book by phone by calling reservations 800-435-9792 


You could also try to reset your password to see if that fixes anything. 



Re: Cant reserve due to log-in issue

Aviator A

Looks like it's a known issue. I can login to the website just fine, but not the app. Hopefully rectified soon. As noted above, you can book without being logged in then add your RR number later, or call to make a points booking.


TRAVEL ADVISORY:Issues with Login

Issues with Login

You may experience errors when attempting to log in. We are working to resolve this problem as quickly as possible. You may still book flights now and add your Rapid Rewards account later.


(unable to add screenshots)