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Change flight Destination

New Arrival

I was wondering how I can change my flight? And do I have to pay more? 


Re: Change flight Destination

Top Contributor

You can change your flight with no change fee however a fare difference may apply. To change your flight you can use the southwest mobile app or the southwest website and click change reservation. 


Currently there is a waiver for New Orleans, Panama City FL, and Pensacola FL if your flight is on June 7th or 8th because of the tropical storm if you are scheduled to fly to/from/trough one of these cities you can change your flight with no fare difference collected s long as you don't change city pairs and change to a flight within 14 days. 


Also if your flight is in June or July it looks like there is a waiver where anyone can change their flight with no fare difference to see if your flight is qualifying for the free change with no fare difference you would need to start the change flight process and it will tell you that you can change for free if your eligible. On the app you will see a red bar at the top of the screen when you pull up your reservation and on the website a message will pop up before you go to select a new flight.