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Change flight date

New Arrival

Hello… I’ve an incoming flight for mid February, but I need to change that date to a future date for late May or mid June. I enter my information and I can see my flight (both arrival and departure) it allows me to select the flight and make a change, but, I don’t see where I can select the new date or even where to put in the month and see any future flight. It allows me only to change the time of my flight within the same date. Am I doing something wrong? Can I only change the time and not the date? Or do I’ve to cancel this flight and then book a new one with new date? Any help will be highly appreciated Thanks!


Re: Change flight date

Top Contributor

When you go to "my account, " you find the flight you want to change, and then for that flight click on change. Since it is a round trip you then have to select the outbound or inbound flight.


The next screen that comes up shows the to/from cities for the flight, and the departure date.

Click on the calendar button withing departure date, and then pick  a new date.