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Change in itinerary

Explorer C


when I purchased my tickets, I chose return times bc of schedule restrictions re childcare. 
However, when I checked in 24 hours prior to departure time, there were changes that are now impacting my return time. I am not confused nor mistaken bc my phone calendar is still populated with the original itinerary. 
what is the company’s policy with making such changes and how is it decided who gets bumped from a particular flight? 
I am very displeased with my experience.

The outgoing flight was delayed a day, and my return flight is impacting child care. 
Please advise how your customers can avoid/manage these issues in the future.



Re: Change in itinerary

Aviator A

Airlines do occasionally make changes to schedules and Southwest has made a number of changes recently.  You should have received email notification and had the opportunity within 72 hours of notification to make another free change if the schedule Southwest moved you to was not ideal.  Now that you're within 24 hours before departure there may not be much left that can be done.  You can contact Southwest directly (this is a customer to customer forum) if you want to see if they are willing to accommodate you. 




Re: Change in itinerary

Aviator A

Your phone calendar wouldn't be automatically updated with any changes because it uses information from your original e-mailed reservation to populate the calendar. My calendar has an "Inbox" and sometimes when there is a flight update or change (that is e-mailed to me) my "Inbox" is populated and I have to accept the change for it to show on my calendar. 


That aside - Southwest should have e-mailed you about this change. Assuming they did, you should be able to change your flight to any available time for free within 72 hours. 


My assumption though - since you only noticed the change when you checked in 24 hours ahead of your flight - is that you were not aware of an e-mail and thus was not aware of the change. 


I make it a habit to regularly check my upcoming flights just to make sure nothing is changed that I am not aware of - I am almost always e-mailed when Southwest makes changes, however there were a select few times when I was not, and had I not checked my reservations regularly, I too would have been caught off guard. 



Re: Change in itinerary

Aviator C

Just to reiterate... it's your PHONE populating the calendar from your email.   This is an annoying "feature" which gives you a snapshot of your original itinerary... regardless of whether it is changed by you or southwest. 


Better to use the app.