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Changing Companion name

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I am a new Companion Pass holder (thru getting SWA credit card). I have made my first reservation using my CP; daughter #1 is my companion for a trip in August 2022.  I want my daughter #2 to be my companion for a trip in September.  Do I have to wait until all travel with Companion in August is completed BEFORE I can change my companion name to daughter #2?  If the answer is YES, can I reserve daughter #2 on the desired flight using points (to hold her a seat), and then "convert" her points reservation to companion status?  (OR pls advise how to do this, and in what order).


Re: Changing Companion name

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You're on the right track.  Yes, you need to wait until trip with companion #1 is complete before you can change your companion to person #2.  You can "hold" a spot on trip #2 with points and then cancel it when you are ready to add your companion to that flight.  However, that does not guarantee a spot will open up immediately, but it does seem to be the best bet if you are worried about a flight being completely sold out.  If you do find yourself in the position of needing to add a companion to a sold out flight don't give up hope.  Typically seats will become available 1-2 days prior to departure as people change plans or cancel right around the check-in time.  Remember, you only need a seat in any fare class to be available to add a companion.