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Changing flight with a higher fare

New Arrival

I booked a flight for my family of 4 three months ago.  I would like to change the flight to one that is 2 days earlier.  The problem is when I booked the flights I paid $220 a ticket.  Since then the prices have gone up drastically.  If I were to buy my current tickets today it would be $581 per ticket.  The tickets I would like to change to are currently $502.  Is there any way that Southwest would give me a break on the cost difference.  I am not willing to pay almost $300 more per ticket to leave 2 days earlier.  My current flight is nonstop and the other one is not so it would be a better deal for southwest to allow me to change without paying extra.


Any help is greatly appriciated.


Re: Changing flight with a higher fare

Top Contributor

Sorry, but I think the answer is no.


Every airline requires payment for the fare that is in  effect at the time of booking. If that's higher, you pay more. If it's lower, you pay less.


At least SW lets you use the whole $220. Other airlines would take $200 of the $220 as a fee for letting you change.

Re: Changing flight with a higher fare

Rising Star

Thankfully you booked when you did! I always try to plan for flight price increases and book as far ahead as possible because flight prices do tend to go up. Southwest allows you to change your flight at any time for *no additional fee* and you only pay the difference in cost if there is any. If you tried this at other airlines, you'd pay the fare difference in addition to a fee, which can be as much as $200 more on other airlines.


Southwest is currently having a Spring Travel Sale until 1/23, so it's possible that your fare will go down - and it's likely that it will go up even more once the sale is over. Keep checking back!